Why I Loved this Dresses

Why I Loved this Dresses

This summer was the best...said no one. This whole summer has been the COVID-19 but I stayed comfortable the whole time. 

It takes me sometime to pick what I like. I'm very picky when it comes to clothes. But, the first time I seen these dresses I knew they were the ones. The ones that everyone would love to wear. 

Well, while inside the house from March to August triggered has me super comfortable. Triggered is a maxi dress that comes above the knee's. It has pockets on both sides and it super light weight fabric. I got asked so many times about this dress and I can say they best part is I was able to wear it in the house and I walked inside the school to drop my kids with this on. Having three kids I always want to be able to set an example that you can look cute but your clothes don't have to be so tight. Growing up I just wanted my butt to look good in my pants but now I just want to hide my stretch marks on my belly. 

And the other dress that had me feeing great while home is the Soulmate dress. Soulmate gave me so many vibes. It gave beach vibes even when I couldn't go. It let me hide my legs because I didn't get to shave as fast as I wanted. Truthfully I kept forgetting to get razors when at the store cause I wanted to be back home so bad. But how long the dress is no one seen my legs. Soulmate is a long maxi dress as well. Adjustable straps and it also had pockets as well( I love pockets). 

Each of theses dresses was a great choice for the shop. I know that summer is almost over. But, even if you don't see anything now in our shop we will have a lot of new arrivals on sept 15th. So mark your calendars and get ready because we are gonna end this month with a bang.

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