Shop Update

Shop Update

So, I have been gone for a minute. I'm sorry. Trying to build a brand isn't easy when you have three kids. When I thought of changing my shop I thought with all my experience this will be easy but nothing can prepare you for this. You really have to work at it with your business. I get asked advice a lot and I'm still learning myself. 

Here are a few things that are helping me plan out my shop. My plan is to have a store front one day and I know that I'm trying something new to get my brand to grow bigger.

  1. Ideal customer. With any business its always good to have an ideal client in mind. Who are you selling to? How are you speaking to them? Speak to them like your friends.
  2.  Be consistent. I post 3-6 times every morning and on my Facebook page I post in the afternoon. I also post again at night another 3-6 times. I post photos and videos.
  3. Live/pre-recorded video. I post videos of me walking in my products. I did one live but I was so nerves it was hard for me to do anything. plus I did it twice because my son walked in my work area crying and I had to turn the camera off. The next time it will be pre-record videos because I know they won't be by me.
  4. Choose wisely. Everyone won't buy everything so you have to make sure you have something that your customer needs. Like right now I have maxi dresses. It's getting hot outside so who doesn't like a maxi. Pick something of value and that your customer needs.
  5. Business Buddy. Have someone you can talk to to keep you leveled and sane. It's not easy being a business owner because you have to do so much on top of what you do now but someone you can vent to that might understand would be great. 

I feel like all five of these have helped my business and it will help my business grow much bigger with time. 

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