Major Change

I bet your thinking it’s always something with this girl. Well it is but it’s for the good.

When I started business school I thought that all I needed was business to be successful.

Nope not true at all.

Anything with clothing you need more. Buying a vendor list from someone won’t work and winging it has had me stressed. Why? Because you have to they why not my product? Is it that they don't like me? Maybe my advertising is wrong? Maybe I'm not doing enough? 

Since I was going to school I just changed my major from business to fashion merchandising. To me I just feel like I’m getting that knowledge I was looking for on the retail side of things. Don’t get me wrong I still know how to do my accounting work but I want to focus on more of color theory, and the latest trends. I look in so many magazines and on so many websites about fashion. It should be a crime.

I mean when I was younger I use to draw out clothes and say one day I will make that. I know how to sew but my kids like to come to me right when I'm busy doing something. I had one to three people who believed in me but I’m just know learning that I have to believe in myself for anything to work.

So, to be official I am now enrolled in art school for fashion merchandising. So be ready to hear everything. Because right now I feel I’m doing more work towards my business then when I was in business school. Now ain’t that weird.

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