Balancing Business & Family

Balancing Business & Family

Do you buy a calendar every year and try to balance kids, work and your business in it? Well, I’m going to let y’all in on a secret. I’m not organized as I seem either. I have yet to meet an entrepreneur that can say everything is balanced.

Today’s article is from my experience this week with my husband. I usually don’t post him much because he makes me think deeply on matters. But, being me I can see why we had this argument. We talked about my way of thinking but also how I try to spend enough time with everyone and he feels left out or the kids or left out. I honestly try to do block times with everyone and everything but it never works. I have found that I just have to let them all come to me. My husband is a big video game person so on his blocked time he wanted to play his game. The kids would play cars with me or we would play soccer outside. So I changed everything around to when y’all want to hang out with mommy come to me. I have my calendar for work and my business but family I figured I can make time.

I’m sorry this article is short but I really do have blocked times for business and work. We are moving soon so I will be writing once a week until we are comfortable. See you soon.

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